Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal

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OK, so you decided to start sending emails to your customers, leads or prospects, but you just realized that after attempting to upload your list into Mailchimp, SendGrid, ExactTarget, Constant Contact or one of a handful of other ESPs (email service providers), they shut you down before your list was even fully uploaded. WOW, that’s a shocker. Considering that you haven’t sent an email to any of these people ever, or in a very long time, why would this come as a shock? It shouldn’t – The simple fact is that 2-3% of all email address are abandoned, become inactive or are changed every month. Continue reading “Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal”


How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps

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You would be forgiven as a programmatic trader, searching through hundreds of different data segments from dozens of data vendors within your various DSP’s, for thinking that all third-party data is the same. However, understanding the differences between data providers and the segmentation they offer to the market can prove critical in ensuring the Continue reading “How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps”

Email Verification and Hygiene – Best Practices for Marketers

Remember the phrase, “Garbage in, garbage out”? The saying has never been more relevant and applicable when it comes to email. It does not matter how compelling your content or offer may be, if you are sending to an email address that will not receive your message, they will not see it. Use email verification and hygiene to cleanse your list and ensure you are sending to only valid and safe emails. Continue reading “Email Verification and Hygiene – Best Practices for Marketers”

General Data Protection Regulation – What Does It Mean For Digital Marketers?

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Disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer, so this is not legal advice. I’ve chewed through the regulations and I have gained a fairly clear idea of what the changes are, and am highlighting them below. I’m also focusing on what this means for marketers – but these regulations reach far and wide, to any personal data. Continue reading “General Data Protection Regulation – What Does It Mean For Digital Marketers?”

5 Reasons Why Customers will Thank You for Using Contact Validation

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Contact validation is commonly used to prevent fraud and build businesses. The business case for contact validation is well established, and these tools are essential to protect and build your business. However, did you know that your customers benefit from validation, too? Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Customers will Thank You for Using Contact Validation”



The email marketing landscape has seen a lot of change in the last few years. The emergence of mobile, new apps, contextual marketing, consumer demand for personalization, new legislation, and so on, creates an ever-growing list of priorities for email marketers. Through it all, one area remains the bedrock of successful programs – deliverability. Ensuring continual inboxing to your subscribers leads to higher opens, conversions, and revenue. Unfortunately, deliverability also happens to be one of the least understood areas in the email lexicon. Continue reading “OVERCOMING DELIVERABILITY CHALLENGES”