How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps

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You would be forgiven as a programmatic trader, searching through hundreds of different data segments from dozens of data vendors within your various DSP’s, for thinking that all third-party data is the same. However, understanding the differences between data providers and the segmentation they offer to the market can prove critical in ensuring the Continue reading “How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps”


Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works

email-validation-706418.jpgMaintaining a healthy reputation with ISPs and ESPs, and achieving a high deliverability rate is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers today. Even if your email address acquisition practices are organic, and they follow all the standards for email marketing, they still run the risk of falling victim to spam traps. And because spam traps, bounce rates and complaint rates will determine your reputation as a sender, you can’t afford to ignore this fact. Continue reading “Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works”