Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal

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OK, so you decided to start sending emails to your customers, leads or prospects, but you just realized that after attempting to upload your list into Mailchimp, SendGrid, ExactTarget, Constant Contact or one of a handful of other ESPs (email service providers), they shut you down before your list was even fully uploaded. WOW, that’s a shocker. Considering that you haven’t sent an email to any of these people ever, or in a very long time, why would this come as a shock? It shouldn’t – The simple fact is that 2-3% of all email address are abandoned, become inactive or are changed every month. Continue reading “Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal”


5 Reasons Why Customers will Thank You for Using Contact Validation

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Contact validation is commonly used to prevent fraud and build businesses. The business case for contact validation is well established, and these tools are essential to protect and build your business. However, did you know that your customers benefit from validation, too? Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Customers will Thank You for Using Contact Validation”

How to Tackle Data Quality and Velocity Issues – 4 Steps


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The fact is, marketers are now very nonchalant about poor quality prospect as well as customer data. A recent reliable data shows that about 60 percent of organizations use unreliable customer data. The B2B companies are also culprits of this mess, the same survey shows that about 25% of a regular B2B company operates with inaccurate database in terms of customers information. The reason is associated with the several manual techniques which only serve as temporal and quick fixes when it comes to users information collation. At the end of the day, marketers end up incurring more costs, wasting more time and getting little result. Continue reading “How to Tackle Data Quality and Velocity Issues – 4 Steps”

How to Use Customer Data Without Being Creepy


As a modern marketer with practically unlimited consumer data at your fingertips, it’s not uncommon to feel a little bit like Big Brother. The sheer volume of information available to you is impressive and can help fuel a positive experience for your prospects—but, if mishandled, can be downright unnerving. If your marketing gives your audience the creeps, it will turn them off from your brand. Continue reading “How to Use Customer Data Without Being Creepy”

Freshen up stale email marketing lists with data validation

images (10).jpgOne of our clients is undergoing a marketing renaissance of sorts. They have lots of paying customers, but wanted to bring in new prospects so they decided to turbocharge their outreach efforts. One piece of the overall marketing plan was to reach out to their contacts to invite them via email to meet a company representative at one of five upcoming industry events where they would be exhibiting. Continue reading “Freshen up stale email marketing lists with data validation”