Email Verification: 3 Reasons Why Your CRM List is Useless Without It


Why Email Verification?

Email verification utilizes a unique link to ensure that an email account belongs to a real, individual user and not an internet bot.

Cleaning out your contacts list is essential to the success of lasting brand-consumer relationships. Continue reading “Email Verification: 3 Reasons Why Your CRM List is Useless Without It”

3 Smart Ways to Spring-Clean Your Email Marketing List


While email marketing is still one of the best ways to drive sales and communicate with customers, email in general does have its quirks. So many things are constantly changing, like the email addresses of your audience, ISP regulations for spam, and what type of content gets the most engagement from readers. Email delivery is a fickle beast. Continue reading “3 Smart Ways to Spring-Clean Your Email Marketing List”

5 Ways to Generate a Clean List


As a marketer, your database is one of your most prized possessions. You need a healthy stream of new prospects coming in, and you need to grow your lists and keep them producing. With that in mind, it’s easy to be tempted by purchased lists: a few clicks and voila, you have a brand new, shiny list to target! Your job is made that much simpler. But wait! Resist the temptation and remember the Permission-Based Marketing policy! It’s kind of like an angel on your shoulder, telling you to build your lists the right way. Continue reading “5 Ways to Generate a Clean List”

Reducing chaos and stress in email marketing

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Email is a powerful medium. It has a unique combination of scale and speed. It’s one of the few levers marketers have to drive short-term results, from online revenue to event registration to app downloads and so on. And because it is relatively low-cost on a per-piece or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, it doesn’t get the planning and discipline that a channel like direct mail does, especially in the retail industry. Continue reading “Reducing chaos and stress in email marketing”

Stop Hard Email Bounces with Real-Time Email Data Verification

email validataion.jpgNote: The following is a guest post by author Krista Barrick, an email verification specialist at a XVerify–one of SendGrid’s solution partners.

Many marketers don’t know the real risks involved when email bounces. Hard bounces, specifically, cause long-term deliverability problems and even damage your sender reputation. Continue reading “Stop Hard Email Bounces with Real-Time Email Data Verification”

Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal

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OK, so you decided to start sending emails to your customers, leads or prospects, but you just realized that after attempting to upload your list into Mailchimp, SendGrid, ExactTarget, Constant Contact or one of a handful of other ESPs (email service providers), they shut you down before your list was even fully uploaded. WOW, that’s a shocker. Considering that you haven’t sent an email to any of these people ever, or in a very long time, why would this come as a shock? It shouldn’t – The simple fact is that 2-3% of all email address are abandoned, become inactive or are changed every month. Continue reading “Why All Email Validation Services Are Not Created Equal”

How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps

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You would be forgiven as a programmatic trader, searching through hundreds of different data segments from dozens of data vendors within your various DSP’s, for thinking that all third-party data is the same. However, understanding the differences between data providers and the segmentation they offer to the market can prove critical in ensuring the Continue reading “How to Judge Data Quality in 5 Steps”