Email Verification and Hygiene – Best Practices for Marketers

Remember the phrase, “Garbage in, garbage out”? The saying has never been more relevant and applicable when it comes to email. It does not matter how compelling your content or offer may be, if you are sending to an email address that will not receive your message, they will not see it. Use email verification and hygiene to cleanse your list and ensure you are sending to only valid and safe emails.

Informatica’s Data as a Service Email verification and hygiene has three key benefits:

  • Improve email campaign performance with better deliverability
  • Minimize risks associated with bad list hygiene
  • Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction

Who should care about email verification and hygiene?

If your job includes utilizing email to communicate with prospects, customers or partners, you need to consider email verification and hygiene as a significant component of your email strategy. Anyone who sends emails within a company should care about email verification and hygiene, especially:

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Marketing Technology and Operations
  • Ecommerce / Retail Professionals
  • Customer Service and Account Management
  • Web and Database Management

Where to use email verification and hygiene

Use email verification and hygiene at any point you collect email addresses.

  • Webforms and Landing pages
  • Ecommerce Websites (checkout page and newsletter sign-up)
  • Preference Centers
  • Point of Sale (in-store email acquisition and eReceipts)
  • List Acquisition
  • CRM and Marketing Databases
  • Call Centers

The Email Verification and Hygiene solution is a powerful, cloud-based technology that includes two separate checks — one that verifies that an email address is valid at both the domain and recipient level, and a hygiene check to alert you to any malicious email addresses. To do this, the Email Verification and Hygiene solution goes through a five-step process to validate email addresses including several quality checks to ensure the right status codes are returned. Domains that have been traditionally hard to verify, such as Yahoo, can also be verified to the recipient level. Informatica’s algorithms provide the most accurate verification of these domains.

In addition to specific hygiene results, such as spam traps, moles, former traps, seeds, or pattern matches, information about disposable emails, emails containing vulgar phrases and role-based emails can be returned.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Email verification is a critical process that needs to be part of every email marketer’s arsenal. Its flexibility allows it to be implemented into virtually any imaginable point of collection (e.g. web forms and landing pages, ecommerce shopping carts, preference centers, POS systems, etc.). Whether you opt for real-time, batch or a combination approach, email verification will increase email campaign performance and deliverability, as well as enhances company reputation and customer satisfaction. The guidelines here will ensure you are adhering to email best practices, enabling more emails to reach the inbox. As a result, you will mitigate any risk associated with emailing to potentially “bad” addresses and you will experience additional opens, higher click through rates, increased conversions, and more revenue.

Written by : Ahmed Tayeh