What is Poor Data Quality Costing You?

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Your data is a valuable asset. Especially in today’s world of faster consumers, your data needs to be in tip-top shape to target, engage and convert prospects. If not properly maintained, you risk any number of lost opportunities, decreased efficiency, and a negative impact to your bottom line. Continue reading “What is Poor Data Quality Costing You?”


Email Verification and Hygiene – Best Practices for Marketers

Remember the phrase, “Garbage in, garbage out”? The saying has never been more relevant and applicable when it comes to email. It does not matter how compelling your content or offer may be, if you are sending to an email address that will not receive your message, they will not see it. Use email verification and hygiene to cleanse your list and ensure you are sending to only valid and safe emails. Continue reading “Email Verification and Hygiene – Best Practices for Marketers”