Find Working Email Addresses in Under 30 Seconds

Using cold emailing as a prospecting tactic? Beware of 95 percent of the email lookup or tumblr_inline_mxaw93yEjg1rghs7f“guesser” services out there. Most of these online tools promise to find email addresses of your targets — but end up providing invalid email addresses. Here is a better way to find email addresses of prospects using tools like Rapportive or new-comer Full Contact.I’m literally showing you (see video below) how to guess anyone’s professional or “work” email address when prospecting for new business.

In under 30 seconds. Yes, really. Many times, in under 10 seconds and with good success.

Will This Help Me?
If you’re using cold emailing this approach is gold. If you’re investing in LinkedIn’s InMail via Navigator or a Premium product this will also be of benefit to you. Especially if you’re not getting the response you’d like.

“Going direct” (to the corporate inbox) is often a better way to start.

Remember, you should be exceptional at provoking response from prospects before investing in InMail. If you’re not it risks becoming turned-off to prospecting in general.

Experiment with standard email until you develop expertise in provoking response at least 40 percent of the time. Then bring that successful approach to the realm of InMail.

2 Email Guesser Tools (That Actually Work)
“I tested Email Hunter on two companies I know. It guessed at around 12-15 emails addresses for each, every single one was wrong,” says digital sales prospecting exert Bruce Johnston, who uses the approach I’m demonstrating today.
There are a few online email guesser and validation services that will tell you if your guess is an actual, working email address. These include MailTester, and bunches of others.

But this is not the best starting point for you. For two reasons:

  • There’s a faster way … and
  • a valid email does not mean it’s an email your prospect is tending to. It could be an old, abandoned email.

I’ve found using Rapportive or Full Contact (both free) to be much faster. If one of these tools fails, I move on to the other email validation services or buy the complete contact data from a provider like

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