What Is the Importance of Data Entry Validation?

Data entry validation is a technique used by programmers to control answers in a k12216652computer document or data entry program. For example, it can be used to prohibit the user from typing a letter in a field that only requires a number. Some of the rules you can create include inputting only letters, only numbers, a date within a certain time frame, blocking a time period, and the number of characters in a field. Data entry is important because it streamlines data and makes documents and forms look more professional. When done in scale, it can also save time and effort, and it increases the collection of usable data.


Data entry validation is important because it can be used to force the user to complete a field. For example, if one or more fields are missing, an error message will either pop-out or will prohibit you from submitting the page. Without data entry validation, a user may be able to submit an incomplete form, and many times, incomplete forms are not usable, which may have to be discarded. Data entry validation encourages inputting complete data.

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Accuracy is also an important benefit of data entry validation. Text prompts can help users fill out a form quicker, especially online forms. Some forms may also allow users to automatically fill out their information, especially if the user has filled out the form before. Pre-populating the form with information enables the user to save time, which then allows the data collector to obtain data quicker.


With data entry validation, you can restrict answers in every field to a limited set of choices that data entry specialists can choose from. This will force them to select a choice within the given options, which will make data entry consistent, especially in longer forms, or in shared documents. Categorizing certain data, such as by department, office or location, during the data collection phase will ensure more organized data will be collected.

According to Database Journal, data entry validation is important because it reduces the danger of inputting erroneous or misleading data. Since programmers can create drop-down lists enumerating choices, data entry specialists can just choose from the list. Programmers can also specify the format for each input in the field, such as date or time format, and this minimizes errors because the data collected will always conform to the enforced format.

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