What Is the Importance of Data Entry Validation?

Data entry validation is a technique used by programmers to control answers in a k12216652computer document or data entry program. For example, it can be used to prohibit the user from typing a letter in a field that only requires a number. Some of the rules you can create include inputting only letters, only numbers, a date within a certain time frame, blocking a time period, Continue reading “What Is the Importance of Data Entry Validation?”


Difference Between Data Validation and Data Verification

Data are the most important asset to any organization. Therefore, it must be made sure download (2)that data is valid and usable at all costs. Data Validation and Data Verification are two important processes of making sure that data possesses these two qualities. Data validation makes sure that the data is clean, correct and meaningful, while data verification Continue reading “Difference Between Data Validation and Data Verification”